1956 – Founding of TORWEGGE

Heinrich TorweggeThe starting signal for the foundation of our company is given: Heinrich Torwegge starts up a trading company for wheels and castors. For this, he sets up shelves in a basement room.

1969 – Expansion

Torwegge-Erweiterung-1969Now Heinrich Torwegge rents an entire floor in order to expand his business. The locksmith moves to Detmolder Street.

1971 – Start-up of conveyor technology unit

Aufbau-Foerdertechnik-1971Horst Langenscheidt, an engineer in the company, starts a second business unit – conveyor technology. For the manufacture of roller conveyors for the furniture industry, a locksmith for conveyor technology is established in Brake.

1976 – First large warehouse

Torwegge-Lager-1976Relocation of the „wheels and castors“ to Eckendorfer Street – the long awaited large warehouse with several offices. Horst Langenscheidt expands sales to include conveyor technology products.

1985 – Own company building

Torwegge-Firmengebaeude-1985The company’s first building of its own is constructed. A hall with about 1,000 m2 and a warehouse and office space of 250 m2 offer plenty of room for the business to expand. Just three years later, the warehouse is expanded to 1,800 m2 and the office building to 500 m2.

1993 – Founding of TORWEGGE Glauchau

Torwegge-Glauchau-1993Construction of a warehouse with offices and flats to systematically expand business in East Germany. The subsidiary has become an important company in the region and in Eastern Europe. Increasing numbers of employees and the training of young people open up long-term perspectives.

2000 – New buildings for wheels and castors & conveyor technology

Torwegge-Neubau-2000To meet the growing space requirements, a 10,000 m2 property with a 4,000 m2 hall and 600 m2 office building are built. The production of wheels and castors and conveyor technology is thus, once again, under one roof.

2008 – Founding of TORWEGGE Förderelemente GmbH & Co. KG

Torwegge-Foerderelemente-2008After only a few years, the rapidly expanding conveyor technology unit is spun off. The TORWEGGE Förderelemente GmbH & Co. KG is founded, the existing property expanded by 7,000 m2 and a 1,000 m2 production hall and 600 m2 of office space are built on the property.

2009 – Founding of TORWEGGE Slovakia

Torwegge-Slowakei-2009With the establishment of TORWEGGE in Bratislava, we have taken another major step towards increasing exports and developing the potential of the Eastern European market.

2009 – Founding of TORWEGGE Wielen B.V. in the Netherlands

Torwegge-Nederland-2009In order to serve the Benelux countries even better and more efficiently, TORWEGGE Wielen B.V. is founded in Holland in the summer of 2009.